Friday, June 17, 2016

Pre-K Graduate

The busy week continues! Our little lady is a transitional kindergarten graduate. She received rave reviews from Mrs. Goodman, and has been deemed more than ready to start kindergarten in the fall. Gigi and Sara came by to watch Adam on Thursday afternoon so I could go participate in the end of year festivities, which was very sweet. Mrs. Goodman actually got a little teary while she read the class one final story.

Last day fashions were of course, pure Ellie.

Here she is with the wonderful Mrs. Goodman, sporting the tee shirt that everyone signed

This morning I had high hopes that they'd both sleep in until 8:30, but it was eyes open at 7:15, and Ellie immediately asked me if it was time to pack. Not yet! I like to wait until the last minute, while keeping an extensive, running packing list. Thursday is laundry day in our house, so Friday is the perfect day to pack, because all of the clothes are clean! And for the first time, I don't need to take a diaper bag! (though, let's be real, I sort of want to put Adam in a diaper on the plane, just to not have to worry about him.) He's so excited to pull his own suitcase again, and Ellie has already packed her backpack (sad news for her that I'm going to empty it and get it sorted after she goes to sleep tonight. MEAN MOMMY.)

Good news, Thor got a clean bill of health from the vet this week (had his yearly check up, and we had to get it done because he needed a new prescription, and he'd otherwise run out of insulin while we were gone.) Our nice neighbor Lisa (who is a vet) had agreed to come over and shoot him up for us, but she is also out of town. but her ALSO very nice husband Patrick is home and even though he's allergic and doesn't even like cats, he said it's no problem for him to help out. I truly appreciate it - not only does it save us a FORTUNE since we don't have to board them, but Thor is terrified of the vet - he pees on me while I'm stuffing him in his carrier, he yeowls like he's dying, and then he trembles while he's there. Even if Patrick is not the best insulin injector ever, at least both cats will be in their home, instead of a cage at the vet. I also had a good dentist visit yesterday, because I planned poorly six months ago.

Good news/bad news: Adam's much beloved explorer boots have finally bit the dust. He was helping Gigi water yesterday and his socks were just soaked, because his rain boots are no longer waterproof.

We shall give them a Viking funeral. Just kidding - I already threw them in the trash! He is much enamored with his new Paw Patrol light up tennies, so hopefully the loss of his smelly, sweaty, gross boots won't be too much to bear. You've been a good fish, Pepper.

When not being an explorer, Adam is as always, a Junior Fire Fighter. You may have seen the brush fire in Southern California this week, and yes, it was right on the back side of my parents' neighborhood. We went over when things had mostly calmed down, but the kids still had a great time watching the helicopter dropping water, and the many fire trucks and police cars.

Well, now I have to work on my summer 2016 play list, so we can party at the cabin. Pack some clothes you say? NONSENSE. We can buy clothes in Wisconsin - can't buy these kind of great jams!

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