Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We're continuing to wind down to summer around here (or rev up to our trip to Wisconsin, your choice.) I'm looking forward to sleeping in, and I think the kids are too (I have to wake Ellie up 95% of the time.) But some of the final adventures are getting to me.

For instance, today was the last day of Music Together class until the summer. And since Ellie will be home and is too old for Music Together (based on both the class listing, and the fact that I'd rather pay for piano lessons versus toddler music class) we're pretty well done. In the fall, he may go with Mimi on Wednesdays, but his buddy the Juddy will be in preschool on Wednesdays, so the days of Kristen and I going in and being the best singers in the group is pretty much over. It's been such a fun class - fun for the kids to hang with their friends, fun for me to hang with my friend, dancing and singing and being real goofy, and the music is (mostly) great. Thanks to the countless hours of Music Together (and Miss Elena songs in the car) we have so many songs to sing together and so many great melodies. And great memories. Ellie's been doing it since before she could crawl, and Adam started going to class with us when he was four weeks old? Two weeks old? He was a lump in the moby wrap - he knows nothing other than the delight of Crazy Miss Elena.

Here he is as an organ grinder's monkey.

And here he is during my favorite song, Old Brass Wagon. Circle to the left, y'all.

Also today was Ellie's last dance class. They let us come in and film the last performance, which is nice, especially since Ellie's missing the dress rehearsal and the performance. She doesn't seem too broken up about it any more, though she has big plans to show off for everyone in Wisconsin (prepare yourselves!) She's really made great progress this year as a dancer - it's a more serious class than her preschool ballet, and she especially loves being loud and tapping around. It looks like we'll try ballet again in the fall, but with the same instructor (and being in class again with Lexi, which is always half of the fun.)

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