Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shave and A Hair Cut.



In case you were curious, the blow-pop was an awful idea. I hoped maybe he'd eat it and be quiet during his hair cut, but still there was plenty of complaining about the buzzers and having to sit still. So instead of just regular crying, he was taking big licks from a hair covered sucker, and then drooling red juice everywhere. Those poor barbers - we go because it's a quick hair cut and it's cheap (Tim and I also get our hairs cut there) but when I bring in Adam, I tip more than double, for combat pay (and because sometimes it takes two barbers AND me to hold him and shear him.) 

Yesterday after nap time, we were at an impasse as to what activity sounded fun - both kids were a bit whiny and I'm sure would have enjoyed just turning their brains to mush with TV, but then the big one said she just wanted to art, and the little one said he wanted to go to the park. 

So for once, I was able to make everyone happy!

Overwatch has now been out for two weeks, and by all accounts is a smash. I play a couple of times a week, and have finally had few matches where the number of time I die is actually LESS than the amount of kills I get. YES I AM THE BEST GAMER EVER. The end of last week was filled with a lot of celebrating for Tim. Blizzard does a champagne toast for a successful ship, or as I have been calling it, either Nerds Gone Wild, or the Nerd Wet Tee Shirt contest. Please to enjoy

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