Sunday, February 28, 2016


Busy weekends can be hard, but weekends with nothing to do are harder. The kids get stir crazy really quickly, as do I - the whining and the tig toying and the fighting with one another does me in. But thankfully, we live someplace where it's gorgeous all the time, and since buying Adam rainboots has canceled out El Nino this year, it's been especially gorgeous.

Since we had no plans this weekend, we made our own fun! And we did it out in all of the fresh air. Saturday after nap time, we took the kids down to the beach, and it was a fantastic family afternoon. They both loved the water and the waves. Ellie spent a lot of time washing rocks and then piling them up on the beach, and Adam went in between hanging on my hip and yelling at the waves and running back to dig in the sand at Tim's feet. It's so fun to watch little kids at the beach, hollering at the waves - don't chase me, wave! Come back! Don't chase me! Come back! They were such good little muffins playing in the water (and holding my hand the whole time, because Gigi doesn't want me to let them get swept out to sea) and even climbing the 100+ stairs back to our car.

Afterwards we went and had some semi-decent diner food, and delicious Golden Spoon.

Today our big fun was heading down to the trail with the kids' bikes in the car. Ellie is still on training wheels, but is thankfully more dedicated to pedaling than she once was - used to be that if she had to put any sort of juice into it, she'd start crying and quit. This time, she was biking uphill and in circles and it gave me a smidgen of hope for the future. Adam's trike is a little small for him, so he ended up leaving it behind and running up and down the trail. He even made up a "fun" new game where he threw pine cones into the bushes uphill and waited to see if they'd roll back down to him, and then before we left, both kids "rescued" some rolly pollies from the sidewalk.

The other big news around here is that Adam is wearing underwear. And batting 1000 at pooping in them, to my great dismay. He managed to get all his pee in the toilet on day one, but it's definitely an uphill battle, and a fun battle of wills between him and me. I had to bribe him to sit on the potty on Friday morning, and then wrestle him into his underpants for the first time, but once he saw himself in his new Super Marios, he decided he didn't want to put a diaper on. Just another fun adventure in parenting!

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