Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another Beary fun week around here - this was from our Valentine's Day photography fun the other week. The kids loved these little bear statues, and they're right above the trail where I go running, though we never go up that way because it's too close to the park (and when mommy goes running, there is no getting out to play. There is only sitting in the stroller!)

Here's also our happy faces on the ferris wheel during family fun day. See? Everyone's smiling! Unlike bowling. I laughed so hard when we saw Grizz the next day and he asked Adam "did you go bowling, or did you go crying?" and Adam said "I cwied."

The good news about this week is that I convinced Adam that he had to start wearing socks with his explorer boots, because he was really beginning to reek. And it even rained one day! The bad news is on rainy Thursday, when I offered Ellie her boots she informed me that they were "not pretty." She loved them when we got them, but not now! Now she only wants to wear her very busted up cowboy boots.

Adam in his biker gear. The Twins uniform he's wearing is 18 months, but still fits huge on him. It's funny how different he and Ellie are when it comes to big wheeling. Adam is totally fearless and gets angry if you try to help him get out of a jam, whereas Ellie would sit and cry and whine and basically try to get someone to push her big wheel the entire way up to the top of mom and dad's culdesac, and then she'd coast down, turn around and resume crying. He is definitely the tougher member of their gang, even if she's still faster. We really need to get Uncle Jake working with her on learning to ride a two wheeler.

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