Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No Cavities!

Took Missy Moo to her first dental appointment today, and she passed with flying colors. I have to admit to being a little nervous going in - we do our best to make sure her teeth are clean, but kids are gross and so there's no telling what could be growing in there, not to mention Ellie screamed so loud at her last pediatrician appointment that I had to hold her down AND hold my hand over her mouth, so I wasn't confident that she'd do well during the exam and cleaning.

But she surprised me! There was some minor crying about the process of having xrays because she didn't like the lead cover up, but I was able to sit and hold her hand and it was over quickly. Dr. Michelle really made the whole thing fun for her by showing her all of the tools and letting her use them (squirting water into her hand and then sucking it up with "Mr Thirsty," using the little scraper on her fingernails first to show her that it wouldn't hurt, etc) and putting a movie on the monitor so that Ellie just had to lay back and relax. No cavities, great looking teeth, and all of the folks in the office seemed delighted with our spunky gal. Then she and I were able to go out for Costco lunch and a little shopping. Successful day! And now I won't be ashamed when the pediatrician asks about whether or not we've seen the dentist. Look, the kid knows my phone number for emergencies, who cares about her teeth?

Meanwhile, Adam is also taking care of his health by bulking up on organic greens.

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