Monday, February 15, 2016

Long Weekend.

Ellie's had four days off, and Tim had today off for President's Day, so we've been making the most of it.

Friday we had some girls from MOPS over to decorate Valentines Day cookies - sprinkles everywhere, but a fun time had by all! And then since mom and dad had a date night with Juan and Renee, we got to have dinner at home with Tim, which hasn't happened in awhile because of his crunch time at work.

Saturday our big fun was having our usual crew of friends and neighbors over for a pizza party - Ellie will happily tell you that she didn't have to go to bed until 9:45 that night. The weather was so nice that all the adults sat outside around the big patio table the kids did laps around the house together (much screaming when Ellie and Lexi announced that they wanted to 'play chase' but they didn't want Adam and Judd to actually chase them. It could be because Adam was brandishing his trash grabber and trying to pinch people.)

Valentine's Day was as romantic as it could be with small children. Everyone exchanged cards, and Tim made pancakes with the kids while I went to the swap meet with mom and Renee. I was even able to pick up a few more succulents, because turns out, I told my mom that someday I'd learn to care about my yard, and that time was after a half dozen years of ownership! Ellie and Adam helped me plant a bunch of new little succulents, and some pansies in the front yard. We learned about how if you cut a worm in half, you end up with two worms, and they had a great time helping me plant our little plants and water them in. Ellie said it was the best day ever. And then we got to go and eat steak and potatoes and delicious shortcake with Gigi and Grizz and Auntie and Juan and Renee!

I had promised Ellie that since we had nothing to do today, we'd make it a family fun day and go bowling. She's been begging to bowl since Sara's birthday party, and I thought it'd be a great way to spend the morning. Well. Nothing is apparently less fun than doing family fun day, because we only lasted 35 minutes in the lanes. Adam had a full scale melt down about his bowling shoes (Ellie had already cried before we even left the house, and then informed me that she didn't feel pretty) and Ellie cried after every freaking frame, and after everyone else's turn. After a couple of stern talking tos, Tim and I gave up, and decided in lieu of murdering our children in public, we'd just take them home and put them down for naps (the bowling alley manager very kindly credited me for the 20 minutes we hadn't used. So, $10 for us to attempt bowling again.) FAMILY FUN IS THE WORST. It's almost as bad as just straight bowling (sorry to any bowling fans in the audience, it is personally something I could do without.) Thankfully, the kids napped, and I went on a run, and everyone was in better spirits after snoozing and supper, so we went to the Spectrum and rode the ferris wheel... WITH NO TEARS. Because you know what, I'm going to have family fun IF IT KILLS US ALL. Which, sometimes it might.

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