Friday, February 12, 2016

A Week of Nostalgia.

Because I am vain (surprise!) this blog post is mostly about me, not about the childrenses.

Wednesday night, Tim and I went up to LA to see Guster, a band I have loved since I was 21 years old. We've seen them about a half dozen times together over the years, and I have a million good memories of seeing them with college and grad school roommates and friends. And most importantly, Guster is an amazing live show, and they were playing their 1999 album Lost and Gone Forever in its entirety, making it well worth the week day drive and the late night. My friend Lauren and her fiancee Jonathan came with us, and it got me thinking about the first time I saw Guster with Lauren, back in 2003. Back when it was weird to meet people on the internet!

...then and now!

Speaking of being 21, Wednesday's festivities come on the heels of my Saturday night, going out for my old roommate Annie's bachelorette party. We went out to lunch in Santa Monica, and then got fancy at her hotel and walked over to the Saddleranch Chop House, home of my 21st birthday dinner, and mechanical bull ride.

Good news, mama's still got it. It was SUCH a fun night with one of the most wonderful ladies I know. And it's fun to get to feel 21 again, and then come home to love on my darling kiddos.

I got to volunteer in Ellie's class this week, which was pretty great. It was fun to meet all of her friends and chat with all of the kiddos - such a fun bunch! You'll all be surprised to learn that Ellie Ford, daughter of two major nerds, threw her arm up EVERY TIME the teacher asked a question during story time. Dork! Teacher's pet! Her family project for this month was making a Valentine's box - we took a wine box from Grizz (surprise) and wrapped it in princess wrapping paper, and then each of us decorated a heart to glue on the front, and I put a strap on it so it could be like a purse for her. She happily passed out animal Valentines to her class mates, and in her spare time, has been cutting out hearts and decorating them with wild abandon. I think Grizz has gotten a solid dozen Valentines from Ellie by now, not to mention the clay hearts that she and Gigi molded and painted and modge podged. So many holiday crafts!

This morning we also had a couple of girls from MOPS over to decorate heart shaped sugar cookies. PINK SPRINKLES EVERYWHERE!
In the meanwhile, there's this kid:
Here he is, helping me with cookie clean up. Please note his wardrobe - he is absolutely in love with his "explorer boots." He probably wore them a solid six hours yesterday, but he refuses to wear socks, so he absolutely reeks. He smells like a heady mixture of swampy feet and vulcanized rubber. Good thing he's cute.

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