Monday, December 1, 2014

Boogerhead Fred.

Well, our run of good health with the kids has come to an end - I had to make my first sick baby visit today and take Adam in because his runny nose and smokers cough had gotten a little more extreme than I was comfortable with. He actually coughed so hard that he threw up on himself. Thankfully, it's nothing major - a little ear infection and a bad cold that was caught before it migrated into anything else. The doc wrote him a script for some antibiotics, which I picked up tonight while watching some high as a kite 20 year old boys try to score pain pills. Nice work gentleman, I appreciate having to wait in line behind you.

The big bummer is that Adam had to miss the Christmas train tonight. Judd is missing it too, so it's just the three girls and their dads (and Sara Jo, making sure everyone stays on track.) Hopefully Ellie will have a fun time!

We got our tree on Saturday afternoon (after trying to go on Friday and being told that the trees weren't out yet. Much sobbing ensued from my small friend.) There was less sobbing during decorating time. Adam has been remarkably good about not tearing things down. Thor has already eaten a bunch of pine needles and thrown them up everywhere. Ellie has already broken an ornament. Business as usual! She also told me that her stocking is actually the one mom made for me. I will switch with her, I guess.

Playing with Grandma Pat's nativity

Our Thanksgiving was nice! We went over to Cathy's for apps and snacks and lots of family time, and managed to leave in a timely manner and make it to Jan's in time to help get things set up for supper. The food was great in both places, and the company was too. My favorite moment was when Ellie streaked through Jan's kitchen on her way to bath time, and I rat tailed her right in the cheeks with a dishtowel. Tomfoolery! Hijinks! 

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