Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Pictures.

From the 23rd, at Pa's birthday party:
Ellie now enjoys Santa. Even moreso since he brought her star earrings.

Adam, not so much.

Focker family fun!

And here's all the kids. Adam is off screaming.

Christmas Eve at Gigi and Grizz's
Adam loved this little musical Christmas tree of Sara's. And her hat.

The kids in their matching Christmas jammies, "helping" everyone else open their presents. 

And after all of the holiday carnage, pause for a photo with Gigi and Grizz. The Anna doll from Auntie Sara was a huge hit. Also, when I look at these photos, it's really obvious why the Thiels think Adam is a carbon copy of his grandfather.

Here. Perhaps this picture will help you see it better. Adam is doing his badger impression.

Santa brought Ellie a Frozen bike! A big girl bike! She loves it.

Adam got a scooter, but was more impressed with the new babies who came in the basket

Achieve ramming speed!

This morning we had everyone over for brunch, and I managed to have the entire meal ready to go by the time they arrived, except for the fried eggs, which were perfectly prepared by the Eggman (Grizz) yet again. Ellie was so excited to show off her bike and play with everyone, and it was nice to eat and relax together while the kids were at their best (before the real exhaustion set in.) They did thankfully take naps, though it was hard to pry Adam out of their new playhouse that Mimi and Pa gave them. And then back to Mimi and Pa's for a holiday celebration with the family. Ellie rode her bike, bossed Nina and Thalia around a little and did legos. They both had a great time, and now I'm hoping we can spend the next few days catching up on sleep and exercise. Or I am going to have to spend all of my Christmas money on tents - both for wearing and for napping.

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