Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Video Updates.

Last night was Ellie's Christmas concert, and it was as usual, so cute that I wanted to burst into tears with the sweetness of it all. Her teachers do so much to make it a nice night - snacks and drinks and all of our little kiddos, singing their hearts out. Sara and Gigi had a Special Olympics event and weren't able to make it, but Ellie had Grizz, Mimi and Pa in the audience, which she loved. She's so funny - she told Grizz about how Paige is her best friend in class, but "Paige is not a good singer like me." That kid, she's got her mom's teflon self esteem and ego.

The other great part is how she told me several times over the week "Mommy. We made a present for you, and I give it to you after I finish singing. But it's a surprise."

Not to be outdone, but here is a video of my pal Adam talking it up. He is such a goof. The past week or so I can't shower without him bothering me, so it's easier to just let him in for a soak. And yesterday while running we got caught in the rain so I had BOTH kids begging to come in with me and warm up. There is no peace in this house!

Today after I picked Ellie up from school, we went to go see the knitters for a bit. It's harder now that Ellie is in school on Wednesdays, but it's always a treat when we can see them all. Today they were at Janet's, which we all love because WEINER DOGS. Four weiner dogs to be exact. Ellie loved petting them all, and Adam loved telling them to quit barking. And the dogs loved having some kids right at face licking level.

Then we went upstairs to see all of Janet's Christmas decorations and in one of the extra bedrooms were a few knit dolls that Jill had made. To be specific, there were Anna and Elsa knit dolls. Ellie immediately scooped them up and asked to take them home, and Janet said she could have them. Those ladies, so sweet. They spoil the dickens out of my kiddos. Janet even had a knit kitty that Adam picked up and started kissing.

Life doesn't really get any better, does it?

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