Saturday, December 6, 2014

Parties for Everyone!

Sometimes, the stars align and we get to ditch our kids and go have wonderful adult time AND the kids are so busy having fun of their own that they hardly notice we're gone. Last night was Tim's company holiday party and also Winterfest in Yorba Linda. Mimi and Pa generously offered to not only take the kids to play at Winterfest but also keep both of them overnight, so that Tim and I could go party like childless rock stars.

It was funny because Ellie didn't realize we also had a hot date - all she's been talking about is Winterfest. And yesterday morning I started teasing her, saying that she couldn't go and stay over with Mimi because I'd miss her too much and she got all serious and looked in my face and said "mommy. Sometimes I just have to go spend time with my grandparents. Just like sometimes you have to go spend time with your girlfriends!" Winterfest had food, hot cocoa, pony rides, a petting zoo, a hayride AND snow. The kids had a great time playing and petting and riding and basically living in a winter wonderland.

In the meanwhile, Tim and I got a hotel in Anaheim so that we could get as drunk as we wanted at the Disneyland Hotel. Also, a few weeks ago I was farting around at the mall and bought an insane sequined dress because I sent Tim a picture of it and said "if we renewed our vows, this is what I would want to wear" and he told me to get it. Thankfully, the party is one where if you want to wear a floor length sequined dress, you can do it and no one thinks you are loon (or rather, they do think you're a loon, but also appreciate your moxie.)

Dress fancily, we ate, we drank, we danced, we chatted with everyone, and I convinced Tim to hold his coworkers like babies, which is always my favorite. Everyone loves when a giant sized man holds an average sized man in his arms!

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