Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Little Moments.

I swear. I should change Adam's middle name to Danger. Today I found him with my toothpaste in the living room. He had the top off of the tube and was ready to squeeze some onto his tooth brush. Saved that in the nick of time! (the kid loves brushing his teeth.) Then at lunch with the ladies, Gigi looks over and in the pile of rocks along the side of the patio, he's found two thumb tacks from the notice board, and is bringing them towards his face. That kid!

He does crack me up though. When I ask, "Adam, do you want to help me?" no matter what time of day it is, he runs over to the kitchen drawers and starts to pull out my coffee grinder, since every morning he insists that I hold him so he can "help" me while I make coffee (one armed, French press coffee. The best the world can offer!) Even when yesterday I specifically asked "do you want to help me vacuum?" Vacuum, coffee, practically the same thing at 11am.

Monday we went to the aquarium for the morning, to meet up with my friend and former boss Anja and her two kiddos. GG is ten and was such a good little helper with Ellie, and Edwards is eight and hilarious. The aquarium was much less crowded than when we went in the spring for Ellie's field trip, so we really got a chance to check out all of the tanks and actually learn a little something. We arrived just as the divers were feeding the fish in the big tank, so that was pretty awesome. And this time around, Ellie was brave enough to touch all of the animals in the touch pools. I let Adam touch the jellyfish, but he quickly proved that even with only using his pointer finger, he does not really have gentle hands (he was practically shoving the jellyfish around.)

Tuesday Ellie went to school for her Thanksgiving feast, corn muffins in tow. I'm glad her teacher knows that if something needs to be baked, we'll bake it! And this morning she was so happy to help me roll out pie crusts and make pecan pies, which are far superior to pumpkin, and the only pie worthy of love this, or any holiday season.

Our other big fun was Sunday night, Ellie's first viewing of the Wizard of Oz.

I haven't seen the whole movie in years and years, and so it was so fun to see it again, and see it through Ellie's eyes. She said she didn't like it initially, because she didn't like the mean witch, but in the days following has said that she DID like it. Her main question was how the Wicked Witch could be a girl if she didn't have eyelashes. Perhaps someday she will learn to love Dorothy as much as she loves Elsa.

Lastly, a picture of Adam and his skinny guy problem. Long legs, not enough butt to keep his pants up.

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