Thursday, November 20, 2014

Once More Into the Breach.

Dear friends, it has started again, down the path of home renovation. Glen came over this week to do a walk through and an examination of our bathrooms, which we will be ripping to the studs and rebuilding. I will save the before pictures for another day, but suffice to say, it's going to be an improvement. We'll bring those bathrooms right into the 21st century! Glen is such a character - he's so chatty and so goofy, but he takes care of us. He said since the spaces are so small (compared to the giant, high end houses he usually works on) that he has a lot of remnant tile we could use. Today I went and picked out granite pieces for the guest bathroom and the fireplace (we'll redo the brick. You know, because once you start one project you find a million things to add on!) But he's got an idea for the master bathroom and has basically told me to put all of my own ideas on hold. Fine Glen, you're the boss! I just write the checks around here! And also, I'll always skip writing a check if I can get some free granite out of the deal!

Here are some nuggets of joy from the children:

Ellie came out of her room the other morning in her pink bunny slippers. Adam ran over, said "hop hop!" and then leaned over to kiss them.

Adam is using new words every day. My favorite is that he's learning to say help instead of just screaming in frustration.

Today Ellie told Gig, very seriously "Gigi, I'm afraid I have to tell you something." (DRAMATIC PAUSE) "A tree in our backyard, it has a LEMON." I don't think she quite understands the preface "I'm afraid I have to tell you something." She's actually been using a bunch of weird little phrases lately, like the verbal goofus she is. She is very against people teasing me lately (since I am so easily annoyed) and when Tim was ribbing me the other day she told him "I caught you in the act! You stop it right now!"

Lulu has taken to spending a lot of time sleeping on Ellie's bed, since she got her new Princess blanket. So when nap time rolls around, Lulu and Ellie snuggle for a little while and then I pick Lulu up and take her with me. Ellie has now started requesting that I make Lulu wave at her. Lulu is not pleased.

Adam is really loving peekaboo lately, and it's so cute. Because he doesn't really hide most of the time. The "I closed my eyes so you can't see me" school of toddler though kills me every time.

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