Sunday, November 16, 2014

We Run the City.

The Bad News Bruins made a triumphant return to the We Run the City 5K on Sunday, to benefit Special Olympics. This year our team was nine members, and we raised close to a thousand dollars. Even though I felt like I hauled some serious ass up and down the hills of Westwood, my time this year was almost identical to my time last year. But as I told Ellie, if you do your best, you're a winner.

I ran with our friend Erlynne, and Tim and the kids walked with our other friends. Ellie ran the entire first mile, and then sulked in the stroller for the rest because she was mad I wasn't with them. Sorry kid, mama's got to do what mama's got to do!

However, she was an absolute trooper the rest of the morning. She walked around campus and all the way into Westwood, chatting to my old roommate Annie the whole time. She waited patiently when it took forty five minutes for our brunch orders to come. And then she ate the rubbery pancakes and subpar eggs! She waited with me to get Diddy Reese cookies and then walked back to the car, showing Annie and Brandon how she can "run on tippy toes" and tried to climb every tree we saw. Then thankfully, slept a bit on the way home. Unfortunately, neither kid thought they needed to continue their naps when we got home. Early bed times for everyone! And by that I mean it's almost 9pm, I need to go to sleep, I'm exhausted.

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