Friday, November 14, 2014

Gruesome Twosome.

These two kids, they are nutty. They are such a pair, even if half the time I feel like I'm pulling Ellie off of Adam because she's hugging him to hard, or telling him that she can't take toys directly out of his hands. But they truly love and adore each other. When we pick Ellie up from school, Adam runs into her classroom and the two of them stand and embrace and kiss each other like they've been trapped on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall for years.

Here they are, happily visiting with Mr. Lizard (aka Midnight) after school.

Here they are, helping their dad fix a busted stroller tire (that's right, we have tools and Tim knows how to use them!)

Oh, and here they are at their artists colony.

Lastly, book club:

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