Monday, October 5, 2015

UCLA, Fight Fight Fight!

We had a nice weekend with a bunch of my best friends from college. It was like being twenty two again, except there were a bunch of little kids running around who we were responsible for. On Saturday we went up to the Rose Bowl and met up with Pari and James and Mila and Rahim to tail gate and see the game versus ASU. It went really well. For one, they found us on the freeway (sometimes pays to drive a bright blue clown car!) and so we easily caravaned in together, then set up our tent and chairs and got to eating and drinking and watching the kids ran around like happily little nuttkins.

The game itself was not as fun. For one, it's a long walk into the stadium, and those kids are heavy. The cutest part was the fact that Adam LOVES James, and at one point Pari and I looked back, and Tim was carrying Rahim while Adam was holding James' hand and looking up at him with big love eyes. Then during the game, our team stunk and Adam insisted that he spend the entire time trying to walk around. We were seated in the benches, so he just sort of climbed over everyone for a good two hours, the little nut. In the third quarter when things were really looking terrible, we decided that it would be best for everyone to just head home, and it was the right decision. The kids got into their jammies and Adam fell asleep on the way home, and then everyone slept in the next morning, hooray! It was definitely a long and tiring day, but on the ride home Ellie declared that it was the most fun game she'd ever been to, and that makes it all worth it.

Then Sunday Lucas and Fluff stopped by on their way back from Oceanside, and Adam immediately ran over to hug Lucas when he walked into the house. Lucas didn't know quite what to make of it, but they had a great time running around and playing trains and using Adam's tools and trash grabber while the adults sat on the couch, ate and watched football. It was like being in our Culver City apartment again, except now my living room is bigger than our entire apartment!

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