Monday, October 12, 2015

Picking Battles.

Transitional K requires getting up early, which in some ways is nice. When I have to wake Ellie, I go in and lay down with her and we snuggle for five minutes or so, which I love. She snuggles up and wraps her arms around my neck and I can just lay there and hold her like she's my baby (which she forever is.) Then we get up and pick out clothes. I will steer her towards weather appropriate outfits, but overall, don't interfere with what she wants to wear. So sometimes, she wears this:

I asked, do you think this matches? and she said yes. So, there you go.

Later that day we went to the park, and she looked truly insane.

This is the photo she drew at school to represent her family. Tim has green eyes and big sideburns. I have some weird mullet thing and maybe some lipstick? Adam is merely a head, being cared for what look like rats with massive claws, but which Ellie assures me are Thor and Lulu. I could not stop with my horrified laughter when she showed this to me.

This should have been in the last post perhaps, but this morning I realized we've passed another milestone in Adam's talking. For the longest time, he's called water "mah." When I tried to get him to say water, he'd ignore me and say mah. Then a month or so ago, he started calling it wah, and this morning in the car when he wanted his cup, he actually said "wah-tah." My little boy is growing up! From newt and mah to milk and water. It's almost like he's people!

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