Thursday, October 15, 2015

Things Unphotographed

Yesterday the gas company was out here fixing a leak in the line, which took longer than they expected, but the workers were SO nice. They came and knocked to let me know their timeline, and when nap time was over, we went over to watch them back filing the hole they'd dug. Adam was completely thrilled because they had a small digger (a "Mary Ann!") and one of the guys let Adam come up, sit on his lap and punch at the controls for a minute. Adam was in absolute heaven, even if he barely made the machine move. Did not have my camera.

Tonight we went for a fundraising dinner for Sara's Club. In an effort to help the fundraising, I invited Mimi and Poppy, as well as a bunch of other friends, and with Gigi and Grizz there it meant all of my babysitters were in the same place. So I bought tickets for the kids, figuring that it was a casual enough atmosphere, we'd have plenty of helping hands, and it's also good for them to learn about giving back to others. Ellie was SO thrilled to go. She dressed up in one of her new holiday dresses and her big multistrand of pink pearls, with a sparkly headband. When our table got crowded, she was only too delighted to go sit at the "grown up table" with Granny Janny and Grandma Janet, with her peanut butter sandwich from home and her kiddie cocktail. But alas, did not get a photo of her utter cuteness.

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