Friday, October 9, 2015

Things Adam Says.

Me: (while giving him a kiss attack) Oh, I'm going to eat some delicious baby meat!

His little voice is just the cutest. I love when we're driving over the speed bumps and dips on our way home and he goes "oh mama! Big wump bump! Oh, dippity-do-dah!" And the way he says "cock-a-doo-doo-doo!" as a noise for a rooster.

He is really into his "pack pack" of tools lately, and insists on bringing them around with him. Also very big into his digger, aka Mary Ann. Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann like to climb up into the recliner together to watch TV, which is pretty sweet.

The other day Tim and I went to see a movie, and the text from babysitter Gigi during the evening was "Adam finally learned how to play the kazoo because he started crying into it." Perfect! And so quintessentially toddler, right? The one time that crying actually fixed something.

During our final week swimming, when Gigi was trying to keep him from climbing on something he shouldn't be climbing on, he yelled at her "let go of my BODY!"

My other favorite is how he calls the little decorative light up Jack O Lantern in our kitchen "the happy face."

He loves walking with Ellie to school in the morning. To avoid a lot of the car line nuttiness, I park on an adjacent street and we walk over together. Both kids love running up the ramp instead of the stairs, and afterwards, Adam goes "I wun a-wamp! I exercise!"

Here he is in the car today, comforting his baby. In case you don't understand, first he sings You Are My Sunshine, and then Goodnight My Sweetheart from the Music Man, which I didn't even know he knew! It's a song I find myself singing more to Ellie.

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