Tuesday, May 26, 2015


We had a busy, but very fun Memorial Day weekend. Tim has been working late most days these past few weeks, so it was especially nice to have him home for three days.

Saturday our friends came over to eat brats and hang out and watch the Ducks/Hawks game (bird fight!) The guys yelled at the TV, the kids dumped out absolutely every toy bin in Ellie's room, and the moms drank too much wine. Things were so crazy that we forgot to go pick Sara up at work, but she thankfully forgave us. And Grizz and Gigi returned from sailing just as we were making ice cream cones, so basically a perfect evening.

A funny story - so Tim put Ellie's cozy coupe together the day she got it (her first birthday) and it took him forever and frustrated him more than anything else in the world, so he refused to put together the trailer for it. We basically forgot about it until last summer when we were over at Whitney's and she had hers put together. And then it's taken another year for us to actually get it out and do it. And of course, it became an instant classic with Juddy getting in the trailer and Adam pulling him around. And it reminded me of little Ellie and Lexi, so of course, I made a side by side comparison, because I love those.

Everyone stayed until almost 10pm! True summer party. One of my favorite moments was when we'd cleaned up and were getting everyone ready to go, and Whitney ran into the pretty room and asked for a dance party. I love being the house where gatherings always seem to end with a loud, crazy dance party.

Then Sunday we spent the afternoon up at Aunt Diane's cabin near Big Bear, helping her plan for her upcoming wedding. Tim is her minister, and I am in charge of taking photos and planning assistance. It was a really wonderful afternoon. Their cabin is really nice and the surrounding area is absolutely beautiful. Both kids enjoyed feeding peanuts to the chipmunks, picking up pine cones, and we all went on a little nature walk down the trail.

Yesterday we had pancake breakfast with Mimi and Poppy, and then happily served them a lunch of the delicious leftovers that Don (Uncle Don, not Poppy-Don, very confusing with all of these new Don/Dawns marrying into the family) had sent home with us. Tim and I then got to escape while Gigi watched the children. A few months ago, I asked my friend's boyfriend to make a new book case for our kids, since the one I bought at Office Max in college had begun to fall apart. I gave Jonathan the measurements, and he went a little overboard, so we had to borrow a pickup and go get it, since it wouldn't fit in a regular car. And when we got it home, I realized instantly that we were going to have to secure it to the wall, lest a kid or cat crush themselves. Poor Tim ran fruitless errands looking for "quake straps" last night, and this morning I found them at the hardware store. The good news is I used the power drill, a screwdriver, a wrench and a stud finder to get that baby securely bolted to the wall. And needlessly reorganized all of the books. I say needlessly because we all know how kids are - they'll be all over the floor before the end of the afternoon.

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