Monday, May 18, 2015

Last Week in Pictures.

Crafting with Gigi!

And special time with Gigi's box of dead butterflies! Fun fact - Gigi went to a talk at a local nursery about creating a garden that attracts butterflies, and the speaker was the OB who delivered both of my kids. He had a box of dead butterflies too!

Oh, Adam Howard. The other day I came out from the shower and he had gotten out both computers and Tim's mouse, and when I saw him, he yelled "no mommy no mommy no!" Then, I caught him pouring a cup of water through my flour sifter and all over the recliner. Fantastic! This is why we can't have nice things.

Thor, learning to love him.

Last week we also had Ellie's open house one afternoon. So much good work to see!

Puddle jumping, now that it rained for two days and ended the drought.

And when the rain cleared, we took our babies on a walk around the block. Probably took forty five minutes to do the quarter mile loop, but it was a nice stroll.

Yesterday we went and met our friends Bob and Nancy at a Disney hotel, as they're in town for a long weekend visiting the park with their kiddos. We didn't go into the park, but Ellie had a great time going up and down the four story slide. We had planned that she and Tim might go in with Bob and Nancy after we all finished swimming, but it was so late when we got out of the water that we all went home and had naps.

Adam only went down the water slide a couple of times, but he loved being on the slide today at the park, after our run.

And lastly, the kids have been a little under the weather, but still so ready to love on each other once they wake up from nap time. The other day we woke up Ellie and Adam jumped into bed and begged her to "nuggle," as he climbed under the covers with her. Little 'nuggle bugs.

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