Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Ol' Family Vacation!

Tomorrow we leave for North Carolina, to hang out with Natalie and our godsons, and eventually, her parents. Cory is currently deployed, but we will keep Natalie and the kids company, like some sort of demented USO show.

In the meanwhile, it was hot today and the kids were making me absolutely bat crap crazy. I cannot wait to be on a plane with them for the entire day tomorrow! (excuse me as I head into a corner in order to claw off all of my skin.) Thankfully, Grizz's pool was just the ticket. It was hardly warm enough for swimming, but it was a relaxing break none the less.

Sorry, I don't know why the quality isn't so great (other than that it's recorded on a phone.) Not pictured: Adam wanting to jump from the back wall as well. They are so bold and fearless children, for sure.

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