Monday, April 21, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

We had a really nice Easter weekend. A lot of company, a lot of cooking, and a lot of just relaxing with the people we love best in this world. Nothing more you can really ask for. I regret that I didn't make the kids put on their bunny ears and pose for me, but I guess we were just busy doing not too much of anything. Thankfully, Gigi took a couple of pictures with her phone.

Sara and Ellie dying eggs on Saturday morning, after their sleepover. Ellie followed it by taking a three hour nap - Gigi probably napped roughly the same amount!

Real men wear pink, and refuse to look at the camera.

Ellie in her big dress (and polka dot sweatshirt) hunting for eggs in the front yard

As for her basket - Ellie was thought her scooter was "so great!" and then announced "I wanted a purple and yellow one!" INGRATE. Back to books and art supplies for you!

She got the hang of it pretty quick, and it's been true love since. She scooted all over Cathy's back yard, and this morning was out riding before school (yay for school being back in session!)

Now that Easter is over, I can no longer avoid that it's almost time to head back to Wisconsin to say goodbye to my Grandpa. It feels like I've been thinking of him constantly since he passed away a month ago, and yet, this morning the realization that we were heading out THIS WEEK makes me want to sit down and ugly cry with delayed grief. Plus anxiety about flying with two little kids, anxiety about the service, anxiety about the whole shebang. I am a big web of feelings, and have been calming myself by making a packing list and starting to pack. At least I have all of our black clothes lint rolled and folded.

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