Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg Hunt Redux.

Sunday we had another egg huntin' party at our house, this time with our original group of baby friends from Mommy Matters. Well, half of them or so. We had a lot of last minute drop outs, which ended up being okay because things were wild enough with Ellie and a bunch of loud boys.

Here they are, oldest to youngest (with Adam sitting with Ellie, instead of towards the other end.) Now almost everyone is a big sibling! (Hunter, in the middle, is an only child.)

This picture cracks me up. So all of the kids in our group are within a few months of each other, and Jonathan (curly hair) was always the biggest one out of all of them. As they were leaving, I was curious if Ellie (who always seems so tall for her age) was the same size, but the only good level place was the wall around our planter. They're about the same height. And then all of the other kids wanted to hop us as well. What a bunch of monsters they are! (except poor Hunter. He looks like is someone's kid brother.)

Speaking of kid brothers, this is a common sight in my house hold these days:

And just for funnies, this is what happened when the ice cream train ran dry on Friday.

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