Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekend Funs.

Turns out, we are very busy and important people. Mostly me, because I was on not one, but two airplane trips in the span of a week. After getting back from our pilgrimage from Laura Ingalls, I had the week to get life back in order before turning around and hopping a plane up to Northern California.

Tim's high school friend, also named Tim (Tim C, for ease) was getting married in Monterrey. Tim C is in the Navy, and over the past few years (decade) we've mostly seen him at other weddings of the high school friends. Nevertheless, it's always awesome to see how all of those boys settle right in to their friendships after such a long break and all of the wives and girlfriends are pretty great too. Jake's ladyfriend Karen is a frequent traveler for business, so she hooked us up with United Club passes and hotel deals, and for me, it was nice to have another competent adult on the trip, since usually I book everything for the boys and then have to boss them around.

They had a cocktail welcome for everyone the night before the wedding, and the invite said "smoking jackets encouraged," because a bunch of dudes in Tim C's squadron had smoking jackets made when they were overseas in Korea. Because I like to follow rules, I found velvet blazers for Tim and Jake, and wore a leopard print YSL jacket that I bought for five bucks a million years ago.

I spent most of the day of the wedding in bed with what I thought was a hangover, but turned out to be some sort of food poisoning/stomach bug. Thankfully, I was able to rally for the wedding, which was black tie. I found that directive harder to follow, especially when dressing Tim, but lo, we cleaned up okay.

Bow ties forever!

The wedding was beautiful - the bride, the groom, the venue, all of it. We had a really fun night dancing and hanging out with friends, and since our table was at the edge of the dance floor, when the Best Man started making fun of young Tim C, he had many hoots of approval from the men of Servite.

The bride, Ashley, is from Eden Prairie, so you know she's a good egg.

The kids spent the weekend with Mimi and Poppy. Everyone napped and everyone survived, so a million thumbs up to them! Because dealing with those two ruffians is not as easy as making Tim bring me another drink in from the bar, that's for sure.

It's amazing how quickly we're coming up on the last day of school. Adam's class had a beach party this past week, on a drizzly and overcast day. But he came home with sand in his ears and paint all over his face, so I'd say it was a success. Ellie had a field trip to the local library, and wore her new tennies without crying over it (learning to tie her shoes is resulting in crying, naturally.)

She's been asking for weeks if we could go back to the petting zoo, and since we had no other plans, we went yesterday. They continue to change things around and keep it mostly interesting. We went so much when Adam was a baby and we had an annual pass, but just going to go gets expensive, because everything other than holding guinea pigs or brushing goats costs money, and turns out, kids love riding the train and the ponies. The nice thing is now they're big enough to not try to put their hands in their mouths or eat corn out of the corn box.

Binny pig whisperer

Goat groomer

Meanwhile, Adam mostly enjoyed running through and on the maze of hay bales. Hey, whatever floats your boat kid.

We ended the evening with dinner at Lexi and Judd's. The kids had a great time, made smores and finished up with a singing performance.

Look at these dedicated competitors! They did a bunch of performances and then we critiqued them like they were on the Voice. Good news, everyone made it to the next round, even Adam, who did some pretty serious fake crying when he didn't get his song choice played right away.

Speaking of fake crying, the other night while she was eating her ice cream at Gigi's, Ellie announced that when she was twenty, she was going to be in high school, to which I said "if that's true, you'll be pretty stupid." And then Adam parroted "yeah, you'll be stupid," in his little lisp. Ellie burst into crocodile tears while he kept repeating it, and meanwhile, the rest of us laughed until we couldn't breathe. It's hard, being the most supportive parents in the world. We are very understanding and kind (mostly me.)

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