Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fancy Ellie.

This weekend Ellie and Mimi got to go to the home of Fancy Nancy's illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser, as a fundraiser for the Segerstrom Center. Ellie loves Fancy Nancy and being fancy, and also, hanging out with Mimi.


We've actually been fortunate enough to meet Robin before, since she lives in our community and does a lot of events to raise funds for literacy and the arts. Since she's the illustrator, I didn't have Ellie ask about potential alternate titles for the Fancy Nancy books, For instance, we always call Fancy Nancy and the Day at the Museum "Fancy Nancy Barfs on the Bus" and likewise, Fancy Nancy, Poison Ivy Expert has become "Fancy Nancy and the Mystery Rash" at our house.

However, at Robin's house, no mystery rashes, just a really fun day for all the kids and their chaperones. They got their face painted, go to see the art studio and Fancy Nancy Museum, and hung out with the stars of Fancy Nancy the musical. There was even a fountain full of pink lemonade, tres chic. And grilled cheese on a stick, but Ellie reports ignoring all actual food in favor of treats. That's my girl!

Ellie and Mimi with their Tea Party Hostess, with the mostess

Ellie had a fantastically fancy day, victory all around. In other fancy news, she finally learned to tie her shoes. Before her last school field trip we realized her current tennies were too small. The light up tennies she'd coveted and begged Gigi to buy for her, then promptly never wore, unless under duress. I'd picked up some hot pink Nikes at the Rack for her a few weeks ago, and she cried when I showed them to her, and demanded to know why everyone wanted her to have tie shoes. But, this weekend she got the hang of it (I made her wear them to her last field trip) and she's been happily wearing them every day since. One more small accomplishment in our efforts to turn her into a self sufficient human being.

However, on Friday night while we were having ice cream with Gigi and Grizz, she said something about how she was going to be twenty when she was in high school, and I said "only if you're stupid," and Adam immediately repeated it to her several times. She burst into crocodile tears while the rest of us burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Adam, having gotten a laugh, continued to tell her "yeah, if you're stupid." Sorry kid, truth hurts!

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