Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Week of School.

The craziness is hitting us full force this past week! Ellie only has two more days of school, but every day this week is spirit week so all of the parents have to remember a bunch of crap to send into the classroom, along with the kids having the option to dress up every day. We've already done crazy hair day and pajama day, today was Twins day, so Ellie and our neighbor Mila got into the act.

Ellie is on the right, in case you couldn't tell.

Tomorrow is favorite character day, and also our very last garden day. Working with the kids in the garden has been the perfect level of involvement for me, and it's been fun the days that Gigi has been able to come and help us dig. Next year we move out of the raised beds and into the big kid garden! Then on Friday they have a class party, but thankfully, no long winded graduation ceremony.

Then of course, we have swimming on Saturday morning, a birthday part Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening we're celebrating Father's Day early with Poppy. Then wheels up bright and early Sunday morning for Wisconsin! So, suffice to say, it's a little nutty around here.

Plus this past weekend we had two parties for a few of our favorite four year old boys. My MOPS friend Brooke had a Super Hero party for her son Andrew, who Adam paled around with a lot at MOPS, and there was an amazing face painter there. Adam wasn't really into any of the party, other than the big trucks in the play room and the trampoline, but Ellie was happy to sit and wait patiently for her turn getting her face painted.

She was beyond cute. I think I'm going to get it replicated as a face tattoo. Unsure if I want to do it for her, or for me. Then on Sunday Juddy and Matty had their fourth birthday party, which I missed because I was working the We Run the City booth, but Tim and the kids reported a great time. So many fantastic four year olds!

In Adam news, Ellie made him this sweet shirt over the weekend.
It has an excavator on the front and says Adam Ford Big Truck Man and on the back is a trash truck. They're both incredibly pleased with it. This is also the before picture for his summer do.

This is my little lamb shorn. The photo belies the fact that the was miserable during his hair cut. Worst one we've had, actually. I had to hold him in my lap and he struggled and cried so much that by the end he was sweaty and covered in pieces of hair. Plus, all of the crying meant that he had hair in his mouth as well. Nothing that a cool down in the wading pool couldn't cure. But in short, all of this action has me ready for vacation, where the only choices are what beach to visit and what beer to drink.

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