Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Video Round Up


Once again this year, Ellie is missing her dance recital, but she's practicing like a pro. The teacher had us come in and take video the other week, so that the girls could practice at home if needed. I can't get over how sweet and grown up she looks.

This past Sunday was like a dream come true - we spent the whole day at home, and the kids just relaxed with us. They played nicely together, they built a lot of Legos, they finger painted and pounded rocks outside (for serious - they'd gotten a kit with a bunch of polished rocks buried in chalk "boulders" so we gave them some hammers and they went to town for a solid hour) and allowed Tim to play Overwatch, while I sat outside and read an entire book and did crossword puzzles. And played my favorite smooching game with my favorite boy.

These videos are over a week apart, but they're wearing the same clothes, both of them. I swear they have more than seven outfits!

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