Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter, et al.

We survived the rest of spring break, thankfully by keeping busy. We went to the Y almost every day, and I was able to get a cute picture of our kids with the neighbor kids in the mustard blooms - easier than driving out to the wildflower fields. This will be the album cover for their first band.

No one is really looking or smiling! Another perfect shot!

Wednesday we were able to go with Mimi for our traditional jaunt to the mall to meet the Easter bunny. Last year, Adam was tepid at best about the giant rabbit, but this year he ran right over and gave the bunny an enormous hug. While I'm a little sad about no more crying pictures, there's also something nice about having beautiful, sweet children.

We also got to have a delicious lunch and go to the little indoor play ground, so another perfect bunny trip with the lovely Mimi.

On Thursday, our big fun was going to have frozen yogurt before picking Sara up from work.

We had some time to kill before Sara was done with work, and since the pet store in the shopping center is closed, I offered that we could walk through the hard ware store, and they were so excited that it was like I'd told them we could go to Disneyland. So many house wares! So much stuff for improving your yard!

We also spent a lot of time with the kittens.
Baby Wolf

Baby Lynx

Then, on to Easter. Last year, the Easter bunny put out a fairly well stocked Easter basket, to which Ellie responded "why isn't there an egg hunt?' This year, the Easter bunny brought bathing suits and a small item for each kid, and then hid many eggs instead. The Easter bunny would definitely rather just buy a bunch of candy than toys, especially because the Easter bunny likes to eat the kids candy after they go to bed sometimes. Don't judge the Easter bunny, he's just a magical animal doing his very best. 

They were able to go a fully 20 seconds at a time without injuring themselves or torturing each other. So great! We had brunch at Mimi and Poppy's house, and I thought we'd manage two or three hours, but the kids were having such a great time that we finally had to haul out at 4:30 for dinner with Gigi and Grizz (and because I had a side dish that I hadn't bothered to make in the morning, thinking I'd get it done during naps. Oops.) They went to bed tired and hopped up on sugar, which is the way to end a good spring break. 

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