Sunday, April 2, 2017

Activity Report.

Uff da, it's been a busy week!

Our cousins are in town from Chicago, so there's been a lot of celebrating over at Gigi's house. And at our house, having a pupusa party on Friday night, ending with some good disco ball dancing. They're a funny little foursome. Adam wants nothing more than Olivia's attention, Olivia wants Ellie more than anything, and Ellie basically wants Gigi's kittens nonstop. And James just wants to be along for the ride. Is fine if I give him a kiss attack while Kate's holding him, is horrified if I pick him up myself.

The kids are loving all of the action, and all of the attention from Gigi Ann and Gigi Lisa. John is even in town, and when I was explaining to the kids that it's Kate's brother John, not Grizz's brother John Ellie goes "oh, so baby Uncle John." Baby Uncle John it is!

Here's Ellie, tamer of ferocious little panthers.

Loving their fur right off.

On Friday when everyone was over, they got some good dress up going. Ellie wore last year's dance recital leotard for the first time since her recital pictures (please recall, was in Wisconsin and missed the recital. This year, she's doing all of the dancing, but I managed not to spend money to buy a costume we won't use.)

Then yesterday, no foolin', we were out to Redlands for Princess at the Castle at the Kimberly Crest House with Mila and Pari. The boys came too, and hung out with James and Rahim (aka the dads watched TV while the boys took a nap, and then went to a party at a coworker's house) and we celebrated our newest four year olds, as Mila is only five days older than Adam.

Princess at the Castle was even better this year, mostly because the temp was fifteen degrees cooler and I didn't feel like I was going to sweat to death. Though the day was sold out, it felt less crowded than last year, and we were in the first group to be announced, so Ellie was the second girl through the door, giving us the rest of the two hours to visit all of the activities, hang out and take pictures. A board member was able to secure decorations from a Rose Bowl float, and it was really beautiful.

Cinderella let us use her carriage

Princess school, balancing a glass slipper on her head

Catching herself a fish

Meeting a handsome prince

Her dress is a skirt that I found at a yard sale (also has a matching top.) The elastic was shot, so I made some straps and sewed in some buttons so it could be a dress. She got that little green cat as a prize from the gift shop, and I think someone hand sewed it. Ellie named it Rocky Yogi, and she loves it.

My very best girl

Pari and James have several orange trees in their back yard, so the kids had a great time doing an orange harvest and playing together. Rahim is only two, but is almost as big and as chatty as Adam. And I can't believe our March babies are already four - it seems like Pari and I should still be 20 years old, 22 at most. 

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