Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Warriors.

Wow, I am not really the best blogger of 2017. We haven't honestly had a ton of stuff going on, but it's nice to be back at school and work. It poured rain most of last week, so not many out door activities, but the grass seed is taking root in the bare patches of our back yard!

Saturday night was a big one around here. The boys went to MONSTER JAM at Angels Stadium, where there were hopes that Adam would go totally bananas nuts with the thrill of watching monster trucks tear around.

As you can see, he was thrilled. Tim and Grizz reported that he was well behaved, but not too jazzed. I guess there's a lot more waiting around than actual monster trucking, but Adam reported that he had a good time, so not a total waste.

Meanwhile, Ellie elected for us to go to Fired Up and do some ceramics painting, which I think was the better choice. The owner, who is a sweet hippie, totally remembered us and Ellie was thrilled to tell Miss Sarah that she's SIX now. We all painted and chatted and made plans to come back with Olivia and Co. for Gigi's birthday.

Then we took our darling girl to a dive bar for a delicious dinner of bar snacks and kiddie cocktails.
I mean, what more could a little lady want? She got to eat chicken fingers and fries and help pick songs on the jukebox. Plus it's nice for Sara and I to take our mom out for an evening on the town. Look at her with two adult daughters!

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