Thursday, January 26, 2017

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Grandma Rosie is in town, hooray, hooray! The kids are really loving having her around, and it makes me incredibly happy to see my babies loving on my grandma.

Yesterday Grams came with me to Ellie's dance practice, and we got to peek through the window and watch her dance and prance. Her class will be doing their performance to Do Ray Me (though once again, Ellie will be sitting on the curb in Ellison Bay, watching the parade pass her by, but this year I didn't pay for a costume!) and so afterwards, I was telling Ellie that we should really watch the Sound of Music, because it has these amazing songs, and it's Grandma Rosie and my favorite movie. She initially gave some push back, but I insisted that we do family movie night and check it out.


A funny story - a few years ago we were watching the Sound of Music, I think around Christmas, and the consensus in the room was that Climb Ev'ry Mountain is the worst song in the movie, until Grizz piped up and told us that it was actually the only meaningful song in the movie because it had a good message, and the other songs were quote "bullshit."

The kids, as you can see, were not as enthralled by singing nuns as their Grizz would like.

The only bummer was that the movie clocks in at a solid three hours,and bedtime was fast approaching, so we turned it off after Maria and the Captain got married. We'll address the Nazi portion on a later date.

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