Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trick or Treat.

Rapunzel, the Big Truck, and the crazy cat lady had a wonderful Halloween (as did their dad, guy in an Overwatch shirt.) As you can see, we got to go with a big, fun group of friends, including three adults in onesies.

I mean, mine had pockets, a hood, and tail, what more could you want? 

The night started off a little rough for Adam, who got sort of jostled and overwhelmed by the scrum, and ended up at the driveway of the first house, sobbing about how no one was giving him any candy. Well, you're not near their door, you didn't say trick or treat, you're not wearing your costume and you're weeping! It took about a dozen houses, with me going up and helping him, but eventually he came out of his shell, climbed back into his truck and raced hither and yon, getting candy and treats. Seriously - one street in the neighborhood featured a popcorn machine, cups of ice cream, and full sized, cream-filled donuts. Tim and I had to grab the donuts from the kids because we are selfish, and also, because no kid needs a donut on top of their popcorn and ice cream, while they're racing down the sidewalk like a loon. Next year, I'll bring special treat bags so we can save all the donuts for later. 

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