Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving and More.

We had a pretty relaxed holiday weekend. It rained here, so it felt like actual fall. Or what passes for fall here. We went and had brunch with Mimi and Poppy, which allowed us to spend more time with them overall, and less time driving around, since trying to get to the family dinner at Cathy's and then back to Jan's for the actual meal is hard with small children and nap times and many freeways.

It gave the kids a chance to sleep in and relax too, which they needed. We've had sort of an off-week, health-wise. Adam was a little warm before Thanksgiving dinner, but definitely rallied to eat four brownies and felt fine afterwards. Tim and I both have gross hacking coughs and the kids are snot factories. Ellie managed to amp it up today by throwing up in a trash can at school, poor thing. I'm hoping it's a twenty four hour bug, and that maybe Adam can avoid it, but considering the way the two of them snuggle, it'll get all of us in the end. AFFECTIONATE FAMILIES ARE THE WORST!

But anyways, here is the cute turkey placecard that Ellie made for me - she made one for everyone at dinner.

She was also delighted to get measured against Granny Janny's dining room wall

Then on Friday we went and got our Christmas tree, which is always a highlight. We convinced Gigi and Grizz and Sara to come over and have dinner at our house on Friday (and by that, I got them to bring pizza and salad and make it here, for me to then eat) and we had our first holiday dance party. Ellie is loving looking at all of the ornaments, though she's embarrassed by last year's home made ornaments because they're "scribbles."

However, she's totally fine with this reindeer she made the other day. I think his bonkers eyes make him absolutely a goat. It makes me laugh so, so hard.

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