Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Tim!

Tim is a nice old man, and officially 36. We've had a wonderful, whirlwind weekend. Friday night was his company party, and it was the best one yet! Not only because they did a great job, but we finally got our stuff together about our timing. The team party starts at 6, and the overall company party is then at 8. The traffic to get to Anaheim at that time on a Friday night is MURDEROUS. One year, I was so irritated at sitting in dead stop street traffic that I got out and walked for a bit. I am a treat.

But this year, we arranged to have the kids nap (and sleep over) at Mimi's house, and then slipped out early, checked into our hotel early, and got a chance to nap and have a drink and relax before heading to dinner, and we got there right away, instead of half way through the meal. It was great to spend time with all of our Overwatch friends, eat and drink for free, and celebrate the great year they've all had. Though, my favorite moment was when the game director was up talking to everyone, and he said thank you to all of the spouses for all the support they've provided, and my looney tunes friend Robyn yelled "YOU'RE WELCOME!" She also did an amazing Tina Turner karaoke at the party, and I almost died laughing. The only downside was that the theme was Roaring 20s, so there were a bunch of other women in sequins and vintage dead things, which is my signature look, so I had to beat a bunch of them up and take their fancy garments.

Yes, I wore the same dress two years in a row. Tim is wearing the spiffy new tie that I bought him for officiating Ed and Erlynne's upcoming wedding.

Then on Saturday morning, Tim's actual birthday, we headed over to pick up the kids and have brunch with everyone. Behind the scenes, Ellie has been a busy little bee for months, getting everything ready for a surprise party. She is the sweetest little party planner.

She and Mimi went to the party store and got beautiful napkins and snowflake decorations and balloons, and then she and Poppy went and got the donuts, which were then frosted green. She also made name tags for everyone so that we'd know where to sit.

Please also notice the paper bracelet she made for him. It was such a wonderful morning, AND Tim finally received the Play Station 4 of his dreams (that I made him select, then had shipped to his mom's house and refused to give him until his birthday. Best wife!)

He and Jake went to see a movie, and the kids and I came home and took naps, then took our lemon birthday cake down to Oceanside for Chris and Jolie's holiday pot luck.

The girls had a great time running around together, and Adam loved their new play house. I was so tired that I wanted to fall asleep on the way home, but was driving the car with Sara, so thought better of it.

This morning Ellie and I went to a birthday party for a neighbor friend at the indoor play ground, which was great. Ellie only cried a half dozen times. If you think I am kidding, I am absolutely not. That kid!

Now the kids are napping, and we are prepping for having some friends over to eat pizza and watch football, in celebration of Tim. The fun never stops! We also get to run through the wedding ceremony with Ed and Erl - premarital counseling at its finest. If this seems like a lot of action, crazy to think that six years ago we had almost 100 people come through our house for our birthday party/housewarming. This is a house where entertaining happens, and that makes me incredibly happy!

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