Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Here's to 70 more wonderful years!

Here is the poem that Tim and Jake wrote and read for their dad tonight, after a rousing game of Don Ford/1945 trivia.

To see the world through dad’s eyes
Is to see the world as great.
Every person does their best
No hearts are filled with hate.
But look too long through dad’s eyes
You’ll want to turn and run
You’ll find that every word you speak
Is a groan-inducing pun

To see the world through dad’s eyes
Is to find the good in other folks
If you deprecate yourself
He likely won’t get the joke
To count ourselves among his friends
Is a monumental treasure
To see us grow and lead good lives
Is his life’s greatest pleasure

To see the world through dad’s eyes
Is to see it pure and good
An optimistic view for sure
Not often understood
But I also see the world his way
You might think us both mad
How could this world be any better
When you have him for a dad

Also, good news, Adam and Santa made up. Though I think in the end, Adam's favorite part person of the night was Uncle Brad, who gave him a tickle attack and had a pillow fight with him. Tomorrow, finally some time with the Thiel cousins!

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